An eBook Reader for Everyone

People come in all shapes and sizes – and luckily, so do eBook readers. Since different eBook readers have different features, it is important to select the digital book reader that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Are you constantly studying and referring to large textbooks? Perhaps you read romance novels faster than you can say “I love you.” Or, perhaps you are a traveler who is tired of lugging several novels in your carry-on bag. Whatever your needs, there’s an e book reader for you!

If you’re worried about the level of comfort that reading from a screen offers, compared to a classic paper, fret not. ebooks, unlike cell phones and computers, feature a unique display referred to as electronic paper, e-paper, or electronic ink. Instead of using backlighting, the “paper” is made to mimic normal ink and paper, resulting in a very comfortable read and low power usage. So, read on!

Kindle DXThe Business Traveler

Travel has always been a part of business, and whether you commute to work daily via train or subway, or fly halfway around the world for business meetings, you likely find yourself with some downtime during travel.

An electronic book reader, such as a Kindle, is the perfect lightweight device for reading while on the go. Easily review documents, publications, and books while you travel. Bone up on local etiquette and history before arriving at your destination; review important industry related news, or just take a few minutes for yourself!  If you can afford to splurge, then Kindle DX might be just the thing for you with a large display size to catch up on work documents.

The Leisure Traveler

Whether relaxing at a posh hotel spa or camping in the rugged Australian outback is your idea of a getaway, having something to read is sure to make the hours even more enjoyable. An electronic book reader is the perfect addition to your in-flight (or in-tent) entertainment.

Choose a reader with a long battery life (most standard electric book readers have at least two weeks) and a lightweight. The Kindle Touch 3G, the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch, and the Sony PRS-T1 are all great options. Now you can relax with your favorite fiction, learn about your next destination, from a mountaintop or a train anywhere in the world!

The Student

The beat up knapsack may become a thing of the past, because students no longer need to lug textbooks to and from campus. Instead simply download required readings into an eBook reader, such as the Amazon Kindle DX, which is known for its larger screen size, making large amounts of small type easier to handle.  With a screen size of 9.7” (diagonal), wireless 3G capabilities, 4 GB of storage space and 2 weeks of battery life, this reader is changing students’ lives across the globe. Navigation and set up is a snap, and students can really benefit by highlighting and saving sections of the e-book.

The Mom-On-The-Gonook color

Waiting for Billy to finish soccer? Waiting in for Leanne to finish her riding lessons? For moms on the go, sometimes it’s more efficient to wait for the kids than to go home, then turn around and pick them up. That’s why moms have been tucking books into their purses or glove compartments for decades.

Electronic book readers are the latest craze with yummy mummies, and it only makes sense. With easily downloadable content, moms can study, read fiction, or catch up on local news using a lightweight, easy-on-the-eyes reader, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook Color.  Considered the first true competitor for Amazon’s Kindle, the Nook has a chic shiny finish, a color touch screen and a simple-to-use navigation system that makes shopping for books through Barnes & Noble a breeze.

The Retired Reader

George, who retired to Florida in 2009, always wanted to read the classics. Finally, he has the time! “When I went to pick up the books, the arthritis in my left arm would act up,” he explains. “And my eyesight isn’t the best, so I wasn’t reading as much as I had hoped.”

When his daughter ordered him a Kindle 2 online, he was shocked at how much he enjoyed it. “It is very lightweight, so I found it really easy to use, and the screen is easy on the eyes.” Pages turn quickly and easily; and there are literally thousands of books to order, so George can get his old classics plus a brand new murder mystery from time to time.

Moreover, the Kindle 2 supports audiobooks downloaded from – perfect for those times when he just wants to relax and listen. Plus, the Whispersync technology makes going online to order books easier than ever – it connects to a cell phone network so it is always free, with no contracts or charges.  And don’t worry – eBooks are remarkable simple to use, so even if someone is not computer savvy, they will likely be able to enjoy this device.

The Casual Reader

If you’re thinking “I don’t travel, and I’m not a student, so I don’t need an electronic book reader,” think again. Imagine curling up on the sofa or in bed with a super light electronic book reader, such as the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600, which features a 6” touchscreen display, and outstanding style and quality in an elegant casing.

It can hold up to 350 titles, so you can literally have an entire library in the palm of your hand.  You can “dog-ear” your pages to save your spot, search for specific words or content, and make notes – perfect for literally buffs and casual readers alike!

Thinking of making the jump from traditional paper to electronic paper? It can be extremely rewarding, and finding an eBook reader that you love could become your new constant companion! Renew your love of reading by investing in a product that will allow you to pick up a book – anytime, anywhere.