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eBook Reader Brands – Which One Fits You Like A Glove?

Ever since Amazon released the first version of Kindle, the popularity of eBook reader and ebooks has surged. Amazon Leads the Way in eReading Amazon transformed the way we read by making it convenient to carry thousands of books on a single compact device. Major eBook reader device providers such as Amazon-Kindle, Barnes and Noble-Nook […]

Where to Get FREE eBooks?

One of the greatest benefits of using an electronic book reader is accessing free content. Authors from all over the world are choosing to make their writing available to readers for free. Accessing Free Content Accessing free content is completely legal, easy, and fun! You can add books to your library by saving and downloading […]

An eBook Reader for Everyone

People come in all shapes and sizes – and luckily, so do eBook readers. Since different eBook readers have different features, it is important to select the digital book reader that works best for you and your lifestyle. Are you constantly studying and referring to large textbooks? Perhaps you read romance novels faster than you […]

What to Look for When Shopping for eBook Readers?

Thinking about switching from paper to digital? Imagine having an entire library at your fingertips. E-book readers are handy devices that literally bring a complete world of literature to the owner. If you’ve decided to bring your reading hobby to the next generation, your next step is to determine which eBook reader is right for […]

How Much of A Shelf-Life Is Left for Hard-Copy Books?

More and more people are trading in their paper books for an eBook reader, such as a Kindle. An eBook reader allows individuals to read digital media. Will Hard Copy Books Become the Things of the Past? Ever since computers became household devices, people have questioned if they would one day replace books, newspapers, and […]