Bookeen Cybook Opus eReader Review


  • The G-sensor motion detector automatically rotates the text when you rotate the device.
  • The accelerometer quickly switches from one direction to another and is useful when reading PDFs.
  • The ultra-light, compact, pocket-sized reader weighs just 150 grams – so easy to hold and carry on the go.


  • There is only 1 GB memory that comes along with the package, which could be insufficient to many users
  • No touch screen facility in this device
  • No color options available – there is only white to choose from for the time being

Bottom Line:

Small is beautiful and so is Cybook Opus. It is a good eReader if you are looking for a compact device, which isn’t too heavy and is handy to move around. There are 12 different font sizes and zooming options available in Cybook Opus. It’s designed so well that it can fit in your hand quite comfortably. The device also has a decent battery life.

The 5 – inch (76 mm x 101 mm) E – Ink screen has a high contrast appearance and the text is readable under direct sunlight.

Prominent Features:

Perhaps the best attraction of this device is its G-sensor motion detector. And although it doesn’t have a touch screen, its user-friendly interface makes up for the same. ‘Smart’ is the way to describe this device and this little champion has impressed users with not just good design but also with its good performance, features and interface.


  • The user interface of Cybook Opus is simply marvelous – there are several options for customizing the view of the main menu. More so, you can also choose how many books to display, how to display them, how they are organized, and so on.
  • In addition to this, it has a handy folder management system with sub folders and customizable options – you can organize your folders in the memory card and keep them in the order you want. There are a number of organizational options and ways to sort eBooks, on the basis of file type, author, title, date, etc.


  • The device is somewhat prone to freeze-up or crash occasionally.
  • Although it remembers the last page you were on in the eBook, it doesn’t give you the option to bookmark pages.
  • There is no provision for taking notes, which is there in few other devices. Moreover, you cannot change fonts in EPUB.
  • Doesn’t include a cover in the kit; all it has is a leather “slide” instead.

Where to Buy:

It is easily available across most of the online shopping portals like


The Cybook Opus eReader is available in many markets, but is popular mainly in Europe and receives relatively less exposure in the United States as against its competitors like the Amazon Kindle and new Sony Readers.

But the device surely has its loyal followers who prefer it over other similar products available in the market.