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We’ve found that overall Amazon provides the best deals on most makes of ereaders. Select your option to get the latest price and discount on various ereaders. The best place to buy a Nook ereader is from Barnes and Noble online or retail stores.

Amazons Kindle

Amazon Kindle Wireless

Kindle Free 3G + Wi-fi

Kindle DX Wi-fi (Top of the Line)


Apple iPad and B&N Nook

Apple iPad 16GB Wi-fi

Apple iPad 64GB, Wi-fi + 3G

Barnes & Noble Nook

Buy at Barnes and Noble


Sony Editions

Sony Daily Edition

Sony Touch Edition

Sony Pocket Edition


Other Notable and New eReader Options

Aluratek LIBRE eBook Reader PRO

SKYTEX Primer 7 Inch

Velocity Micro Cruz

Pandigital Novel Wi-Fi

V Tech V Reader Animated

Toshiba e310 Poket PC

PocketBook 360 eInk

ZTO 7 Touch Tablet

Archos 7 – 8GB Home Tablet


eReader Accessories

You can find many accessories for your eReader. Here is a sampling of some of the most popular. Check out covers, chargers and more here:
eReader Accessories at Amazon or explore more details at ereader-accessories pages.

Kindle Cover

Kindle Lighted Cover

Kindle Fire Covers

Digitals On Demand Accesories

Sony Covers

Nook Covers


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