Nook Chargers, Adapters and Battery

Nook Chargers and Adapters
Chargers and adapters are very utilitarian in nature.  Nonetheless, it’s critical that you are prepared to recharge your Nook after the battery runs out.
There are chargers for the car, for the wall, or combination of  an adapter and a USB cable.  To cover all bases, invest in a combo kit may be the way to do.
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Traveling with Nook Fully Charged

The biggest selling point of any eReader is the portability of carrying an entire collection of books anywhere, to the beach, on the train, on a bike ride trip or simply sipping tea at home on the front porch.  Besides having an adapter and USB cable, it’s essential to have a spare Nook battery handy.

A battery will last for about 10 days with wireless and music off; with on, it lasts for 2 days.  The battery comes with instruction on how to replace it in Nook.  All you need is a screw driver.

Nook with Ample Storage
One of the advantages Nook has comparing to Amazon’s Kindle is the slot to add more memory to your Nook.
SanDisk 2GB MicroSD, deployed the most advanced technology in flash memory, delivers optimal performance while sporting the smallest in size, only 1/4 of a standard SD card.
So if you have media rich files on your Nook or other devices with expandable memory capability, consider a SanDisk MicroSD.  It will ensure you have ample storage in your Nook.