Barnes and Noble Nook Covers and Cases – Rainbows of Colors

Nook Covers, Cases and Backs
Barnes and Noble has done an exceptional job in sourcing a wide array of Nook covers and cases.  Not only they offer functions, but also colors and distinct styles.  You won’t have any problem in making Nook uniquely yours.
Some of Nook’s covers come in two pieces, the front cover and the backs (sold separately).  Other style includes tri-fold cover that protects Nook from the front and the back.

Traveling with Your Nook in Hight Style
Forget about function for a moment.  See how many heads will be turned when you flip out your Nook with a Kate Spade cover in the Red Carpet lounge before jetting out to the Bahamas.
Protecting Your Nook

Whether you settle on a Bronte Cover in Storm or Turq (a series of covers named after the Bronte’s sisters), Lilly Pulitzer’s Secret or Jonathan Adler’s Peace/Love case, there are two things you should always keep in mind: function and style.

Safeguard your Nook from any accidental damages in high style and vivid color. Knock yourself out in your choices!