Sony Covers and Cases – Is Clutch Your Kind of Style?

Sony Reader Covers and Clutch Cases

There is no shortage when it comes to Sony Reader covers and cases. Some are just covers, others with lights.  Still others are clutch style where you can carry your Reader in high fashion.

If you are afraid of accidentally dropping your Reader, there are some with the closed-in zipper to prevent just that.

Traveling with Your Sony Reader

One of the main allure of an eReader is that you can carry an entire library in your palm anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Whether you are on your Africa Safari, lounge around at a local Starbucks, or take kids to a sporting event, having a reader cover or case that’s secured enough so that your Sony Reader won’t slip off on the go.  The zipper case would definitely be a wise choice.

Protecting Your Sony Reader
No matter what style, function or color, the ultimate goal is to protect your Sony Reader from spills, scratches or dings. Accessorize your Sony Reader with style!