eReader and Tablet Buying Guide (Part 4)

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12.     Appsapple-iwork app

There are literally thousands upon thousands of applications for Android-based (e.g., Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers and Tablets) and iOS based ereaders/tablets such as iPads.  If you can conceive, there is an app for it…apps for entertainment, apps for music lovers, apps for students, apps for teachers, apps for work.  Some of the apps are free while others are not.

For example, I love to watch cooking channels such as Food Network. I have an app for Food Network on my iPad so I can check out what’s on TV or watch some of my favorite shows while reclining in a comfy chair.

13.     Price

When Amazon first released its Kindle back in 2007, the price for the very basic ereader was nearly $400.  With fierce competition and the popularity of ereading, the price has gone down substantially.  These days, you can get a quality ereader for under $100 and a great tablet for less than $200.

There is the Rolls-Royce of the tablet, iPad.  It costs $400 (iPad 2) and up.  By the time you get a decent storage with a 3 or 4G model, you should be prepared to spend between $600 up to $800.  I have to say, the pleasure from enjoying my iPad in so many practical and creative ways is priceless.

The bottom line is that the more expensive is not really better if you only need a basic ereader.  You will be just as happy to buy a basic Kindle or Nook Simple Touch for less than $100.  In fact, you might be happier as you won’t feel overwhelmed by all the extra features.

14.     What Customers Are Saying

The few brands I’ve included in this guide (Amazon Kindles, Apple’s iPads, B & N’s Nooks and Sony’s Readers/Tablets) are all top-notch devices.  All of them are sold in millions of units and have 4-star or more rating out of 5 by thousands of happy customers.

For your convenience, I’ll create a summary tablet with the features discussed in the guide (coming soon).

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an avid reader or fanatic about consuming rich-media content away from your computer or TV, ereaders and tablets are here to stay.  I hope this guide has shed some light for you in the maze of choosing a right ereader or tablet for your individual needs.

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