eReader Review Summary

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is the newest addition to the Kindle Family.  It is the best-selling tablet/ereader on Amazon.  With an unbeatable price, brilliant colors, an array of new features and impressive content offering, no wonder people are snatching it up. Read More

Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch or Kindle Touch with 3G is one of the most popular eReader on the market. Kindle Touch is ideal for eReading enthusiasts who enjoy reading, but don’t care too much about consuming multi-media content. Find out if this is the perfect eReader for your needs. Read More


Kindle is for those who just want to read ebooks and could care less about big or color display.  Take a test drive of Kindle without breaking your bank.  Read More

Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Keyboard 3G is a carbon copy of Kindle Touch with many of the same features except for an actual keyboard.  This is a great choice for those who prefer the tactile sensation of touching something tangibly. Read More

Kindle DX

If you have the money to splurge, Kindle DX would be your eReader choice.  Boasting 9.7” display, free global wireless, capacity to store 3,500 books, take Kindle DX on your globe-trotting. Read More

The New iPad

Is the Apple’s new iPad a result of innovation or just incremental improvements?  Is iPad3 still holding on to its reputation as the “Rolls-Royce” in the tablet PC market?  Read More


Is it a colossal sin to lump iPad in the ereader category? The answer would be a resounding “yes”. iPad is the best tablet to date.  It is a perfect representation of art and technology.  Read More

Nook Tablet

The fastest and the lightest ereader/tablet that rivals Amazon’s Kindle Fire.  Is this your tablet choice? Read More

Nook Color

Nook Color is for those who enjoy reading books, newspapers and magazines in vivid color instead of in black and white.  Nook Color eReader will impress you with its interactive feature that makes your reading so much more engaging.  Read More

Nook Simple Touch

If you just want to own a functional and affordable eReader, look no further.  Read More

Sony PRS-T1 Reader

Sony PRS-T1 is a replacement for all its predecessors.  It is the lightest and most compact eReader to date on the market.  Sony finally made its pricing competitive enough to its rivals.  Read More

Sony Daily Edition

As the sleek and refined version of ereaders, Sony Daily Edition allows you to experience reading of ebooks and periodicals with its 3G wireless access. 7” display, multiple document formats, 6 easy adjustable font sizes, touch screen, try ereading the Sony way. Read More

Sony Touch Edition

With an affordable price tag, 3 beautiful colors (red, black & silver), you won’t be disappointed with Sony’s fine workmanship. Touch screen, multiple document formats, take Sony Touch Edition to more places. Read More

Sony Pocket Edition

It fits into your palm perfectly.  With 5” display, petite and light, Sony Pocket Edition is a great device for those who enjoy light reading on the go. Read More

Other Brands of eReaders

There is not a month gone by without another new or improved eReader entering in the market place.  Cybook Opus Digital Reader has its unique selling points in being “smart and petite”, not to mention it comes in a rainbow of colors. It’s worth a look and might be what you are looking for in a small eReader.

BeBook Neo Digital Reader is perfectly designed for those with multi-language skills. A definite consideration for cross language reading.

Kobo eReader positions itself as the ultimate budget-choice for the frugal eReading buffs with a price tag of $150.  You can almost see the “gun-powder” as it aims at Amazon Kindle series in functionality and selection of eBooks sans price tag, of course.  Would Kobo eReader snatch a substantial share from Kindle 2 market?  Let’s be the cool observers when it enters into the U.S. market this summer.