Escaped from the Corporate America Rat Race,  I embarked on a rare opportunity to combine what I love and cherish the most:

  1. Love for books
  2. Freedom to charter my own ship in the sea of life and
  3. To serve others like you in a small, but helpful way

As an avid reader and listener (audio format), I am always in search for a good book to read or to listen.  In fact, reading/listening several books a week is not that uncommon for me.  Having an abundant array of ebook readers to choose is like icing on the cake.

Choosing an eReader can be a daunting and exhausting task.  This site serves as your informative, yet non-intrusive Shop Assistant to help you navigate through the browsing, comparing and buying processes based on your needs, preferences and your perceived value.

Whether you are an avid reader like me, a business traveler who travels around the world, a commuter from the suburb to the city, someone who tends to have eye strain with standard font size of a hard copy, a busy mom-on-the-go or a student who is finally able to shed off 20 pounds of textbooks/binders with less than a pound eReader… We cover them all.

We share with you the pros and cons of each product, what we like and dislike, what’s so unique about each brand/product, why you should consider Product A vs. B. We compare and contrast within the same brand, across different brands and for each unique type of customers.

Best of all, we’d love to have you be part of the eReader enthusiast community who share the same passion for books and for reading.

Happy reading!