How Much of A Shelf-Life Is Left for Hard-Copy Books?

More and more people are trading in their paper books for an eBook reader, such as a Kindle. An eBook reader allows individuals to read digital media.

Will Hard Copy Books Become the Things of the Past?

Ever since computers became household devices, people have questioned if they would one day replace books, newspapers, and magazines. With the invention of eBook Readers, reading has truly been revolutionized, and traditional books may soon become heirloom items.

Abundant Online Content

With an increasing number of people reaching for hand held eBook devices, more and more content is available in an electronic format. Exchanging hard copies for technology to has become a way of life – from records and CDs to pens and paper being filed away. Many avid readers agree that paper books are simply next in line. E-book readers, it seems, are here to stay!

Attractive Features of eBook Readers

Created primarily for people to read digital books and periodicals, eBook readers are increasing in popularity. With a long battery life, great readability, and major portability, e-books are fast becoming the norm for everyone from business people to students and travelers.

Save Some Tree-Cutting?

The experience of reading is just as comfortable as reading a printed page, but comfort is even increased due to the lightweight product. Plus, eBook readers have many added benefits, such as Internet connectivity, instant access to bookstores and libraries, and the ability to save specific passages. In addition, eBook readers are extremely eco-friendly, as they cut down on paper usage and use minimal power.

E-Ink Technology Powers eReading

E-books are different from normal PDA devices in that they utilize a technology known as “E Ink,” which is a type of electronic paper. Featuring extremely low power consumption, the E Ink is processed into film, which allows it to integrate into electronic displays. No more screen glare means that eyesight is not strained, and font size can even be adjusted as needed.

E-Book readers have truly changed both the marketplace and the reality of reading. Readers can now carry practically every book ever published in a lightweight, easy to carry format. Books and publications are downloadable, affordable, and easy to browse.

In many cases, content is free to download! Readers can now access new books while traveling, and download new content directly. In addition, readers can leave heavy, uncomfortable textbooks at home.

Popular Brands of eReaders

There are many different e-book readers available on the market. The Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, Plastic Logic, and Sony Reader are all popular brands.

It is expected that in the future, eBook readers will become the norm for various forms of reading – in fact, these handy devices have been compared to the digital revolution of music.  From leisure and business reading, to study purposes and entertainment, ebooks truly put literacy and enjoyment in the palm of your hands!