Kindle DX Review


  • Very thin (1/3 of an inch), as thin as most magazines
  • 50% better contrast for the clearest text and sharpest images
  • Can store up to 3,500 eBooks, periodicals & documents
  • 9.7″ screen is good for a broad range of reading materials
  • Auto rotating screen from portrait to landscape for viewing full width maps, maps, tables, etc.
  • Listen to music and podcasts
  • Add highlights and share notes on Facebook and Twitter
  • FREE global 3G wireless coverage in over 100 countries


  • Expensive
  • No remarkable improvement over Kindle 2 except for size
  • Non-removable battery
  • Memory expansion slot not available

Bottom Line:

Amazon Kindle DX is a fool-proof eReader choice for majority of ebook enthusiasts with its impressive 9.7″ display, great for reading a broad range of materials (books, magazines, documents with graphics) and globe-trotting with an entire library at your finger tips through FREE 3G connection.

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Amazon Kindle DX and its predecessor, Amazon Kindle, have beyond any doubt revolutionized the joy of book reading. Kindle DX allows you to carry a library of your favorite books wherever you go. The display of the kindle and its e-paper texture ensures a similar visual experience to that of a paper book. For a traveler, as well as a book enthusiast, Kindle DX would be among the top gadgets that make a big difference if budget is not your concern.

Prominent Features:

  • Portability: With dimensions of just 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″, and weight just 18.9 ounces, the Kindle DX can be a very convenient travel companion. Thanks to the Kindle DX, 3,500 books will now weigh only a little over a pound.
  • Supported formats: Apart from the device-optimized Kindle eBooks available from the Amazon Kindle store, the device can also read PDF files, and all other popular document formats including DOC, RTF and TXT. The device can also play JPG images and MP3 media.
  • Auto rotate: The device has an auto rotate feature, not available in its predecessors, which is helpful in reading documents with a landscape layout.
  • Keyboard: The keyboard is really handy for those who like to add annotations to text.
  • 3G wireless support: Support for 3G wireless is perhaps the biggest innovation for the Kindle DX, since this does not require any WiFi connectivity.  Amazon has a tie-up with GPRS – EDGE providers around the world to provide connectivity to Kindle users. The connection allows ordering and downloading of books in 60 seconds or less.


The large Screen of the Kindle DX is a definite improvement over its predecessor, the Kindle. The large 9.7” screen allows for easy reading of even large format text books without the need to scroll much.

  • Compact: Kindle DX is just 1/3 of an inch thick that is about the thickness of a magazine. This makes it very easy to handle and carry along.
  • Long Battery Life: Kindle DX can give seven days of pleasurable reading on a single charge with wireless on; 2-3 weeks with wireless off.
  • Wireless: eBooks can be ordered through Amazon’s handsome selection of over 1 million titles within 60 seconds. The ordered books can be downloaded through high speed 3G services that are available in over 100 countries around the globe through telecom providers.


  • Non removable battery: The Kindle DX’s battery is sealed and can’t removed easily.  Replacing the battery will cost the customer extra $60.00 and extra time and hassle.
  • No extendable memory slot: While the other later entrants into eBook reader space offer memory card expansion slots, Kindle DX continues to remain adamant with its 4GB internal memory. Though it can save 3,500 eBooks for you, there may be a need for more memory if you wish to store MP3 files which are supported by the device.
  • Hefty price tag: It is too expensive for most consumers.

Summary: changed the way books were read with the pioneering Kindle. The device gives you the ability to carry your complete library of favorite books, all within the Kindle DX. Though the device lacks certain desirable features like memory expansion, the Kindle DX provides an amazing way to make reading a pleasurable experience when trotting the globe.

What People Are Saying:

At the time of this update as of January 20, 2012,the average customer rating (total of 3,643) of the Kindle DX is 4 out of 5 stars. Here are some excerpts from customer’s reviews:

“I’ve never regretted buying the DX, its just perfect, my books are delivered under a minute and they’re so clear and easy to read. In short….I love my Kindle DX! Thank you Amazon”

“Great for the larger size e-reader!”

Where to Buy:

The best place to order Kindle DX is the website itself. The site guides you through all the available features of the device and an easy way to order one for yourself.

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