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Kindle Touch, with Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display. is one of the best-selling eReaders on the market for your ereading pleasure.  With the 3G option, it’s a great travel companion whether you are on your way to discover America or venturing out in 17,000 islands in Indonesia.

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Who Is Kindle Touch For?

Kindle Touch is ideal for those who enjoy pleasure reading and don’t care for other multi-media consumption.  The Touch also suits those who prefer multi-touch without an actual keyboard or a clumsy joystick. Kindle Touch is a great travel companion for its impressive storage capacity as well as portability.

Who Is Kindle Touch Not For?

You would be disappointed if you are a hard-core keyboard person who really prefer an external keyword instead of a touch screen keyboard.  Kindle Touch is not meant for multi-media consumption.  You’d better look into Kindle Fire for that.

Display/Screen Size

The display is powered by E-Ink Pearl technology, the very best in ereading.  The text is crisp and contrast sharp. The screen size is 6”.


The design is no different from most of Kindles with its simple and quality materials resistant to accidental drops and bumps.  Kindle Touch weighs 7.5 ounces.  It’s perfect to hold with one hand for a few hours.

Since the keyboard is built into the actual display screen, the actual dimensions are 6.8″ x 4.7″ x 0.40″, about an inch shorter than the keyboard version. However, the smaller dimensions don’t compromise on the actual display size at all.

User Interface

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To turn the Kindle Touch on, you simply push the “Power On” button at the bottom of the device.  Next to the “Power On” button, there is an earphone jack for plugging in the earbuds.  Then to the left the earphone jack, there is a USB for plugging into the computer if you’d like to manage the content via your computer.

To turn page forward, all you need to do is to touch the bottom right quadrant of the screen.  To do the opposite, you need to touch the left margin of the screen.  If you want to get to the menu bar, simply tap on the top of the screen.  It is such a huge improvement over a joystick navigation.  Navigation through the pages and on the screen is just a swift tap away.


Needless to repeat the advantage of Amazon’s massive content selection – millions of books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks. The sky is really the limit for those avid readers.

One interesting new feature is the X-Ray where you can look up a piece of history of a story line, characters of a novel, etc.  You can be a Sherlock Holmes to find out what’ beneath the surface of the plot.

To save you $40.00, you can buy Kindle Touch with special offers.  This means is that you’ll be served with sponsored ads/special offers when you first turn on the device on the Home screen and when the screen saver comes on.  The ad or offer is not intrusive or obnoxious at all.  You would barely notice it as it is served at the very bottom of the screen.  You’ll have to really look for it to notice it.

Although the device has built-in text to speech function, I doubt that too many people will really use it due to the monotone reading.

Memory, Storage and Battery

Kindle Touch comes with 4GB memory, which doubles that of the Kindle.  The actual storage for content is about 3GB.  It has no problem holding up to 3,000 books.  The battery life for this device is one of the best in Amazon Kindle series, i.e. 2 months with wireless off with 30 minutes of reading per day.  Charging time is Amazon’s standard 4 hours.  The long battery life is extremely helpful if you happen to travel to a country with a different electric socket or a different voltage.


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kindle-touch-3gKindle Touch supports private and public Wi-Fi networks or hotspots.  It also comes with global 3G capability if you are willing to pay a premium for the device. Amazon covers the 3G expenses. It makes more sense for a world traveler to choose the 3G model.

How Much Does It Cost?

Kindle Touch Wi-Fi costs $99.00 with ads and $139.00 without ads.  Kindle Touch 3G is priced at $149.00 with ads and $189.00 without. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.  It’s always wise to check the latest price first.

If you travel extensively, I would pick the one with 3G for the sheer convenience for getting new content without worrying about free Wi-Fi access.

What’s Included?

The package includes Kindle Touch e-reader, USB 2.0 cable, Quick Start Guide. Power adapter sold separately. 

If you happen to own a Kindle power adapter from a previous purchase, you can use it for your Kindle Touch.  It appears that Amazon plays around with accessories in the package.  Maybe it offers a slim margin to Amazon’s bottom line.  Who knows! Personally, I think it’s a silly child’s play.

Does It Include A Warranty?

A 1-year limited warranty and service is included.  There is an option to purchase a 2-year Extended Warranty available for U.S. customers.  The price at the time of this review is $40.00.  Note: The Extended Warranty is really only for one additional year to the first year base warranty coverage.

What People Are Saying

Average Customer Rating: 4 stars out of 5 reviewed by 2,652 customers on Amazon as of January 22, 2012.

Any Complaints?

No power adapter in the package

Where Can You Buy Kindle Touch?

You can buy Kindle Touch or Kindle Touch 3G via Amazon.  Amazon has one of the best online shopping experiences in the world. Click here to learn more about Kindle Touch on Amazon.

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