Kindle Warranty Review


Whether globe-trotting or reading before you go to bed at night, we all have moments when we feel clumsy. Dropping your beloved Kindle on a stone floor or spilling coffee on it is very likely in our day-to-day activities.  That’s why it might be wise to consider purchasing an Amazon Kindle warranty.

Amazon offers extended warranty through third-party providers such as Service Net and Square Trade. Prices for the extended warranty coverage vary from provider to provider and for Kindle models.  Generally speaking, they are all within the range of $40 or so at the time of this review. The warranty is only available to U.S. customers.


The coverage applies to a replacement unit (new or refurbished) for your failed Kindle model due to either operational or mechanical failure. The coverage doesn’t include Kindle accessories.

The coverage is applicable to accidental damage from handling in operational or mechanical failure caused by an accident.  It doesn’t apply to theft, loss, misplacement, viruses or cosmetic damage.

As I eluded earlier, there are two service providers on Amazon.  One is Service Net and the other is Square Trade.  Both providers have similar coverage.  Here is the specifics of the coverage and the how-to processes:

Service Net

Coverage – Service Net

In the first year, you will be covered for electrical and mechanical failures by the manufacturer warranty.

The extended warranty by Service Net will cover the accidental damage such as drops, spills or cracked screen for two years, a second year coverage for electrical and mechanical failures as well as a one time claim for battery malfunction.

If you need a replacement Kindle, Service Net will ship a replacement unit to you along with a prepaid shipping label for you to ship back the defective Kindle.  The replacement unit can be either a brand new Kindle or refurbished one.  Please make sure you read the fine prints under the Terms and Conditions.

How to – Service Net

    1. After purchasing a plan for extended warranty, you will receive a contract via email within 24 business hours and a paper copy via US mail within 7 business days.

    2. You don’t have to pay a deductible, shipping fees for claims or replacements.

    3. Your coverage is transferable at no cost whether the device is gifted or sold to another party.

    4. You can reach customer support at Service Net 24/7/365 by calling 877-441-3836. Make sure you have your Amazon order info available when you call.  You will be required to provide a credit card to secure the return of your failed product.  If you don’t return the failed product within a reasonable time (communicated when you call), your credit card will be charged for the replacement unit.

    5. You may cancel the contract at any time.  If you do so within sixty (60) days of the date purchased without filing a claim, you will receive a full refund of the full purchase price.  If you cancel the contract beyond the sixty days, you will be refunded the remaining days of coverage on a monthly prorated basis.


Square Trade

Coverage – Square Trade

The coverage by Square Trade is similar to that by Service Net.  The first difference is that Square Trade allows for 3 claims comparing to the 2 by Service Net (one for device and one for battery). The second difference is in pricing.  Please check out the latest price before purchasing an extended protection plan.

How to – Square Trade

      1. Upon purchasing a protection plan, you will receive an email as your official confirmation of the purchase.  A welcome kit will be mailed to you.  You may get a call from the Square Trade customer service representative.

      2. You don’t have to pay a deductible, shipping fees for claims or replacements.

      3. Transfer at no cost, just let Square Trade know to update the name of the warranty account.

      4. The claim process is very easy by simply calling 866–374-9939 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST), 365 days a year. For advanced exchange, Square Trade will ship you a replacement Kindle (the same or a newer model based on availability). You will receive a pre-paid shipping label to send back the damaged Kindle.  A valid credit card is required on an advanced exchange.  You will be charged for the replacement device if you don’t return the damaged Kindle within 30 days.

      5. You may cancel the warranty within 90 days to get a full refund if no claim has been filed.  After that, the refund will be pro-rated based on the unused part of the warranty.

Side by Side Comparison


Service Net

Square Trade

Customer Rating 3.5 to 4.5 out of 5 4.5 out 5
Coverage Accidental coverage for 2 years; electrical & mechanical failures for the 2nd year Accidental coverage for 2 years; electrical & mechanical failures for the 2nd year
# of Claims 2 3
Refund Policy First 60 days for full refund First 90 days for full refund
Pricing Varies from Kindle to Kindle model Varies based on the device price range
Shipping Free shipping both ways Free 2-day shipping both ways
Customer Service 877-441-3836 (24/7/365) 866-374-9939, 6am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year
Latest Price Check out the latest price Check out the latest price


Extended Warranty or Not?

In short, the customer reviews about the Kindle extended warranty are mixed. Some felt relieved when they dropped their favorite Kindle.  Others were concerned about the cost and the confusing Terms and Conditions.  You will be the best judge on whether or not you should purchase the extended warranties for your peace of mind.