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Nook Simple Touch is another superb ereader under $100.  It rivals Amazon’s Kindle in the most affordable e book reader category.  If you are interested in reading and don’t care about all the other bells and whistles, this is a good digital reader to consider.

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Who Is Nook Simple Touch For?

It is for ereading enthusiasts who don’t want to spend a fortune in buying a device. Nook Touch is an excellent choice if:

  • You own and purchase a lot of content from Barnes and Noble.
  • You prefer the option to add more storage to your device via a SD card.
  • You value the in-store support and human touch.
  • You enjoy a few special perks Barnes and Noble offers its loyal customers.

Who Is Nook Simple Touch Not For?

Nook eReader wouldn’t be a great option if:

  • You like to read documents in various text formats besides ePub, PDF, and a few image file formats. 
  • You own most of the content from Amazon and intend to do so in the future.
  • In both cases, you are better off sticking with an Amazon Kindle.

Display/Screen Size

6” seems to the standard for display screen size across multiple brands of eReaders.  Nook Simple Touch does better than its competitors in rendering sharper and crisper text with its Breakthrough E Ink display technology.

The Nook Simple Reader offers 7 font sizes and 7 font styles to please your personal preference.  Zoom in or zoom out, you are in total control.


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The dimensions are 6.5 x 5.0 x 0.47, weighing 7.5 ounces. Nook Simple Touch is light enough to hold in one hand and portable enough to fit into your purse or a cargo pocket.  Whether you are on a long patrol in Iraq or sitting in a commuter train from the suburb to the city, Nook is always an entertaining companion.

User Interface

Perhaps one of the best features in Nook eReader series is its easy-to-use interface.  You can turn on the device by touching the button at the bottom of the reader.  Above this button, there are five additional navigational buttons.  From left to right, they are Home, Library, Shop, Search and Setting.  Opening your book, changing the font size, looking up a word, organizing the content, it’s all just a simple touch away.

The biggest differentiator from Amazon Kindle is Nook’s page turn rate.  Nook refreshes about every 6 or so page turns where Amazon Kindle does more often.  Less frequent page turns means less interruption and more enjoyable reading time for you.


Barnes and Noble is not too shabby in its content offering.  You can access to 2.5 million book title.  In addition, you may also take advantage of the free library books and out-of-copyright books.  Barnes and Noble also provides you with personalized recommendations based on your past purchase and reading history.

Another distinction Nook has is that you can read any Nook books for up to an hour each day in the B & N store for FREE.

In contrasting with Amazon Kindle’s special offers, Nook doesn’t serve up ads or special offers on the device so you can indulge in the uninterrupted reading no matter how unobtrusive the ads might be.

Memory, Storage and Battery

Nook Simple Touch has 2GB memory that can hold up to 1,000 books.  For an average reader, it’s more than enough to have such a collection of books.  One clarification is that out of the 2GB memory, only 750MB is for B & N content.  There is also an expandable SD slot to increase the storage up to 32GB.  This feature offers a competitive edge for Nook as all Amazon Kindles don’t have this capability in the design.

Another feature sets Nook apart from the rest of the pack is its longer battery life, up to 2 months based on 1 hour of reading time per day.


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Nook Touch is equipped with free Wi-Fi, including B & N stores and 24,000 AT & T  hotspots nationwide.  There is no option for 3G.  So the speed of searching will depend on the Wi-Fi speed of each location.  Also if you are planning to use the device outside of the U.S., you are out of luck or have to purchase a Kindle (Kindle, Kindle Touch or Keyboard).

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for a Nook Simple Touch is $99, which is comparable to that of Kindle without ads. Always check the latest price first as price changes all the time.

What’s Included?

Nook Simple Touch device, micro USB cable, Quick Start Guide, and a rechargeable battery (installed).  If you don’t own a Nook before, you may have to buy a U.S. power adapter about $10.

Does It Include A Warranty?

Yes, there is a one year limited warranty that covers your Nook Simple Touch device.

What People Are Saying

The average customer rating is 4 out of 5 stars among 848 customers at the time of this review.  It all comes down to whether you get your content from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Any Complaints?

Nook is not compatible with Verizon or CenturyTel connection. 

Where Can You Buy Nook Simple Touch?

You can buy Nook Simple Touch either in a B & N store or online. 

For those of you who are eShoppers, you can get a Nook from B & N’s online store.  At the time of this review, all Nook devices are eligible for Free Shipping.  So take advantage of the ease and convenience in shopping from the comfort of your home or office.

For those of you who like to have to play around with the actual device, you may drop by a B & N store near you.  You can speak to a Store Associate who can demo the device and guide you through the buying process.  The Store Associate may also be able to help you turn on the device and purchase some content to get you started. A little bit personal touch and hand-holding are always an added bonus.

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