Sony Daily Edition Review


  • 7 inch display – more lines to read at one time
  • Touch screen display – easy navigation
  • 3G making browsing, purchasing and download digital content a breeze
  • Sony Memory Stick Duo expansion slot


  • Disturbing screen glare
  • Screen contrast is not good enough to give a paper book effect
  • More expensive
  • Battery cannot be replaced by user

Bottom Line:

Sony is always synonymous with quality and aesthetic value. Sony Daily Edition eReader is no exception. With 1040 x 800 pixels in display, you can read for hours without much eye strain. Smooth navigation, touch screen with gesture based commands, abundant choices for content format, the ability to add more memory for your image and audio media, all set Sony apart from its fierce competition.

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The Sony Reader Daily Edition (PRS900BCKIT) marks an important development for Sony. This is the first model from Sony that sports 3G wireless connectivity from AT&T wireless. Addition of wireless ability is an important landmark for Sony, since it places the Sony Daily Edition to compete with Amazon Kindle Touch 3G.

Prominent Features:

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  • Impressive screen display: Sony Daily Edition has a 7.1 inch screen which is much longer than the 6 inch screen of Amazon Kindle wireless reading device. With touch screen sensitivity and no separate physical keyboard, like in the case of Kindle, Sony Daily Edition uses the entire front face area for a larger screen. The screen is capable of resolution of 1024 x 800 pixels with 16 shades of gray.
  • Free 3G connectivity: Sony has a tie-up with AT&T wireless to provide free Internet access to the device through high speed 3G facilities which is available all over the United States. However, you can download ebooks from Sony’s online store by using their desktop software.


  • Smooth navigation: Navigation of books and images in Sony Daily Edition is done entirely through the touch screen. Like in case of iPhone, the Daily Edition touch screen supports gesture-based commands, like a quick swish on the screen would flip a page. Simple commands like these are helpful, particularly for senior folks, who may find an array of navigation buttons confusing as well as tiring to use.
  • Expandable memory: With expandable option for Sony Memory Stick, you can now store more MP3’s, photographs and a library of books to last a life time. For a person always on the move traveling around the world, this would be a great feature and a good companion.
  • Notes and annotations: Sony Daily Edition also allows you to take quick notes and annotations using a stylus directly on the screen. This is an essential feature for students who like to take brief notes from the scrolls of text book pages they read.
  • Diverse content formats: The device supports all popular document formats, including the increasingly popular EPUB format used by many online libraries. The Sony Daily Reader in this regard, has a lot more compatibility as compared to its close competitors.


  • Glare: The biggest noticeable disappointment is the glare on the screen which can cause lot of disturbance and strain while reading outdoors. The screen contrast doesn’t measure up to be as good as that of Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook.
  • Limited selection of ebooks and inconvenient download: Sony’s online library doesn’t sport a collection as impressive as Amazon. To download a book from their store, you need to download it first on your desktop using Sony’s download software and then place it on the device through the USB cable. If you are used to the ease of downloading a book under 60 seconds in Amazon, you will find it very cumbersome for similar task in Sony Daily Edition.

Where to Buy:

Sony Daily Edition is not sold through with the introduction of the new Sony Reader PRS-T1 since fall 2011. However, it is still available via where a user-friendly shopping cart makes it a pleasurable experience.


With the Daily Edition, Sony provides better compatibility with various file formats, improved navigation through touch commands, and the luxury to expand memory of the device. However as compared to its competitors, there are many areas of improvement, such as better screen contrast, reduced glare and support for direct download of books from the Sony Store to the device.

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