Sony Pocket Edition Review


  • With a 5 inch screen, fits in one hand
  • 3 adjustable font sizes
  • Compatible with EPUB format that gives access to abundant ebooks including Google books


  • Small screen can give an eyes strain
  • No expandable memory
  • Battery not replaceable by user
  • Does not play MP3 files or JPG files

Bottom Line:

Sony Pocket Edition is the most basic version of eBook readers from Sony. With a 5 inch screen that makes it more compact than Kindle. The device fits snugly in one hand. Being a very basic model, it does not play MP3 audio or JPG files. The Sony Pocket Edition is good for a quick read that you may want to carry everywhere; however for prolonged reading, a larger screen reader would be more suitable.

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Prominent Features:

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The 5 inch screen and the compact form factor of the device are attractive features. The device has a display of 800 x 600 pixels and shows reasonable sharpness for content displayed in it. In fact, the Pocket Edition sports better contrast and glare-free view as compared to its successors within Sony eReader series. The device is available in Silver, Blue, Black and Pink colors to suit your aesthetic taste, whether you are a high flying business professional, or a perfect home maker.


  • Simple file transfer functionality through the Sony Reader software allows you to transfer eBooks with the least effort. eBooks can be downloaded to your computer first through the Sony software, and then loaded into the device through a USB cable.
  • Weighs less than half a pound, which makes it quite compact and light for portability.
  • The device is fully compatible with EPUB and other eBook formats, which extends its utility to content available from a wide range of sources.


  • The device lacks touch feature. The navigation is enabled with the aid of the buttons.
  • No wireless support. The Sony Pocket Edition requires a PC with an Internet connection and the Sony Reader software to update files.
  • Battery for the Sony Pocket Edition is not user replaceable, and requires the device to be sent to the nearest service station, hence the inconvenience for the customers.
  • The screen shows a rather slower transition when you move from one page to another.
  • Sony Pocket Edition does not ship with an AC adapter. The USB cable charging too works only when it is connected to a computer port, and doesn’t work if connected to any other standard USB adapter, like that of iPhone.

Where to Buy:

Sony Pocket Edition is not available anymore on since Sony released its Sony Reader PRS-T1 model. However, you can still get it at sold through some third-party vendors.


If you are looking for a no-frills ultra compact eBook reader, the Sony Pocket Edition would be the right choice for you. Lack of touch screen commands, and wireless connectivity is a trade-off that you would have to bear for getting a better price from a reputable brand such as Sony.

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