What to Look for When Shopping for eBook Readers?

Thinking about switching from paper to digital? Imagine having an entire library at your fingertips. E-book readers are handy devices that literally bring a complete world of literature to the owner. If you’ve decided to bring your reading hobby to the next generation, your next step is to determine which eBook reader is right for you.

Factors to Look For

There are various factors to look at when you are choosing the right eBook reader. Just like most technologies, there are various versions available on the market place, so before you make your purchase, it is always wise to do a bit of research. The main factors that you will want to consider when making your purchasing decision are Price & Value, and Features & Content.

Price & Value

How much can you afford to spend? Ebook readers range in price from $200 – $1000. While you don’t want to spend extra for features you won’t use, you also want to get the best value for your dollar. What is included? What kind of technical support is included? What sorts of features are “musts” for you, and worth paying extra? Is the product simple to navigate and use?


How large is the screen size? Keep in mind that you can adjust font size within the reader, so a larger screen does not mean larger text. Does the reader offer text to speech capabilities? Is there a touch screen? Look for battery life, screen resolution, grayscale levels, and storage space when selecting your new e-reader.

Remember, while it is often tempting to choose the best of the best, in many cases, you simply may not require massive amounts of storage space or the longest battery life possible. On the other hand, if you travel for long periods of time and plan to download large textbooks, these are factors that will be important to you.

What Are the Supported Media Formats? (EPub? PDF? Audio? Video?)

You will also want to look at what types of document, image, and audio formats the reader supports.  If you are frequent international traveler, or live outside of the US, you may want to choose an eBook reader that will allow you to download books in multiple countries.  Some readers require downloading the book on a computer, and then transferring it to the handheld device.

Most eBook purchasers are looking for something sleek and slim, which means it is highly portable. However, some readers prefer a larger display, in which case there are heavier versions available, such as the Kindle DX, which is recommended for individuals whose eyes tend to tire, or who plan to read a large amount of text books.

Internet Connectivity and More

The newest eBook reader models have faster page turns, wireless 3G capabilities, instant content download, and landscape auto-rotate features.  A touchscreen navigation is an important factor, and the ability to quote, highlight, save, and search text is also something that many readers find important.

When you’re looking for an eBook reader, it is important to match features to needs. Make a list of what you plan to use your reader for, and then choose a model that will meet, and possibly surpass your requirements.