Where to Get FREE eBooks?

One of the greatest benefits of using an electronic book reader is accessing free content. Authors from all over the world are choosing to make their writing available to readers for free.

Accessing Free Content

Accessing free content is completely legal, easy, and fun! You can add books to your library by saving and downloading files in PDF or ePub format, which you can then enjoy on your eBook reader. Download how-to guides, short eBooks, motivational quotes, financial advice, health planning and other great reads quickly and easily! Jump start your career, your love life, or your dinner plans by reading up on the latest trends, advice, or information about virtually any subject.

Free eBook Resources

Some great websites for accessing free content include www.free-ebooks.net, which is the #1 online source for free eBook downloads and resources. Here, you’ll find a wealth of free e-books on topics ranging from “Marketing,” and “Tutorials” to “Body  & Spirit.”

Head to www.ebookdirectory.com to find one of the largest online directories of free downloadable ebooks. You can search for any topic or author to find just the sort of writing you are seeking. Before you know it, your eBook library will be brimming with exciting reading material.

Other great websites to check out to download your free eBooks include www.getfreeEbooks.com, and www.Globusz.com.

Get Classic

Have you considered reading (or re-visiting) the classics? If so, that’s reason enough to purchase an electronic book reader! After all, the classics are free!

If you’re looking to discover the literary greats, visit http://www.freeclassicebooks.com/index.htm, where you can download literary delights by proclaimed authors including Jane Austen, D.H. Lawrence, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, and Homer – to name a few!

Download stories that have made strong impressions on our society for years, or reacquaint yourself with old friends like the sisters in Little Women, or Cathy and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Share your favorites with family members and friends, and bring the classics to a whole new generation of readers!

Get Published

If you’re not only a reader, but a writer as well, you can become published quickly and easily by submitting your content to a free eBook content website! Whether you have a pile of unpublished fiction, or want to write a how-to guide to promote your business, this could be the perfect way to reach a broad audience, receive feedback, and kick start your writing career!

There are countless websites available that offer free eBooks, so start stocking your new library today. Consider downloading a good assortment of short eBooks, such as short stories and guides – these are perfect for when you are waiting for a friend, commuting, or just need a little break from work.

Just Relax!  No Quiz When You Are Done with Reading

From downloading the classics to learning how to fix a leaky faucet, stocking your eBook reader with free reading material is one of the major perks of this technology. And don’t worry – there won’t be a pop quiz to analyze any literature when you’re done reading!



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    Another free ebooks library: http://www.digilibraries.com
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